Outdoor Camping Gear Hacks

It’s hard to decide what camping gear you might need on a camping trip. There are a lot of things that can happen, so to anticipate the unexpected, you must be prepared for anything. First, make a list of all the outdoor camping gear you know you’ll need. Then add stuff that you might need, such as camping cooking equipment, and items that have double uses. Having everything you need, as well as all the proper camping hiking gear will make a big difference in the success of your camping trip.

Here are 5 tips for your outdoor camping gear checklist:

The Campsite

Ensure you have the appropriate camping supplies and equipment for outdoor camping in accordance with your campsite. Know what type of quarters you’ll have, as well as where you will be cooking. Check if there are any regulations for the outdoor camping gear required in the area where you’ll be camping. Depending on the length of your trip, you will need to consider camping cooking equipment, and if you are planning a hike, safe camping hiking gear is a must. If you are sleeping outdoors, make certain you have camping survival gear such as waterproof tents and sleeping bags in addition to appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry. And when it’s time to pack up and go, make sure you use a camping gear checklist for leaving also. Always leave your campsite just as you found it. Leave only footprints; take only pictures.

Camping Equipment and Food

Bring only camping cooking equipment you are certain you’ll need. Since you won’t have a dishwasher, make sure you bring the proper equipment to clean your cookware. A large tote and dish soap make for the perfect outdoor camping gear “kitchen sink” if you have access to a clean water source. Also, trash receptacles may or may not be readily available, so make sure you have a means to seal trash. The last thing you want to wake up to is a bear chowing down on last night’s hot dog wrappers. Lightweight, non-perishable, and easy-to-cook food items are your best bet. The less mess, the easier your camping meals will be. Canned foods, trail mix, soups and stews are wonderful and nutritional meal ideas that are easy to store as well as carry.

One of the easiest ways to prepare a meal while camping is by using the proper camping cooking equipment such as a camping stove tripod. Put some aluminum foil on top of the tripod, over fire, and throw whatever you’ve got on to cook. Add in some seasoning, seal it, cook it, eat it, and then throw it away. This eliminates camping site dishes. When packing your camping supplies and equipment don’t forget you will need to stay hydrated. You may have to boil water if you’re not sure of the cleanliness of the water source available, so make sure you have the camping survival gear necessary. You will also need clean water to cook with and clean with, so don’t forget this important tip, or you might find yourself a very unhappy camper.

Camping Gear Checklist: Guitar and Bongos

Okay, so perhaps you can’t carry a tune and bongos aren’t your thing, but you get the idea. You’ll want to plan some entertainment for your evenings at the campsite. Reading materials and activities, even board games, can be a great wat to relax and have fun. With today’s portable tech, even movies or binge watching tv shows is possible, just make sure you pack portable battery chargers! When planning your outdoor camping adventure, remember campers have more time for fun camping activities!


For all activities, the camping gear you choose should be weather-friendly. Prepare for the anticipated weather conditions of the area where you’ll be camping, but don’t let an abrupt climate change catch you off guard. There’s nothing worse than not having the proper outdoor camping gear and getting stuck in a cold tent at night. Make sure your tent is roomy enough for everyone to fit comfortably inside and resists the elements. Pack extra sweatshirts and ponchos just in case, and a camping heater is a must for fall and winter camping. For summer season bring hats and insect repellent for protection. For winter, wear layers. No matter the season, sunblock is always important—even when it’s cold. Whatever the weather, camping survival gear such as waterproof footwear is a must.


A first aid kit is a camping necessity. You can pick up a pre-made kit in any drug store, or you can make your own, ensuring you have everything from liquid bandages to antacid. Some other safety camping gear necessities include rope, flashlight, and flint in case all other resources for fire are wet or out of fluid. If hiking, safe camping hiking gear is imperative and should include a survival kit. Having a compass available will also prove helpful should you get lost hiking away from your campsite. In addition, you should also always carry a whistle, so you can call for aid if you are fatigued or in danger. Whenever leaving the campsite, include enough food and water for a couple hours on your outdoor camping gear checklist.




Remember, the number one goal of an outdoor camping trip is to have fun. In order to make sure to achieve this, staying safe, well fed, well hydrated, and warm and comfortable should be your top considerations. Outdoor camping is an awesome experience when done the right way, plan ahead to make sure your trip is everything you imagine it will be.

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